About Pattaya-Lifestyle

What is this Page all About and who is this Mr. Pattaya?

​It all starts with a silly video about Pattaya which i watched in the Internet (many years ago), after saw all those slightly clothed Thai girls with ther 40-50Kg bodys, I was know from the first sec. that i wanna visit this crazy looking City.

After traveling to Thailand for the first time with a friend, it was clear that I have to come back as fast as possible.​

So after 2 weeks back at home i was stay again on the Airport and wait for my fly back to Thailand with the knowledge that it is even better then the videos I see before.

15.000€ (700.000Bht back in those days) in my pocket and 28 days time only for Party and Girls in Pattaya after being the normal working taxpayer slave.

Those was the best days ever, Girls, Alc., more Alc. and defenitely more Girs. So I need to find a plan to life in this beautiful country, 6 month later and I clearifaid anything about to start a new life in Thailand. Thats now round about 7 years ago.

And im still here ;-)​

​Why you build this Page?

The reason is pretty simple, I was bored of all that "wanna be" news about Pattaya, like why the hell I should care about a Pattaya Newsletter and they talk about that a coconut was fall last night from a coconut tree somewhere in Chian Mai, like WTF.

As staying in Pattaya i wanna know where the best girls work, where are events, where to go and what to do. So anything to have a real good time in Pattaya, With Alot of Girls and cheap drinks.

The Audience from Pattaya-Lifestyle.com is mainly mans which like to hang around in a bar with a couple of mates and enjoy a good time together with some hot young girls and sipping on a cold beer.​

​Anyway, If any of you Guys out there have some open questions about anything in this city, If it goes about the Cops the Girls or what ever else, dont hesitate to write me a PM and i lovly help you out 😉

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