Advertising with Pattaya Lifestyle as a Partner.

Its very easy to advertise on Pattaya-Lifestyle, your Business will get the attention and increase in sales/customers you need.

Our Advitising rates start as litle as 999Bht for a simple but effective side advertising, the side advertisings are 100% laser targeted to the section of the Page which works the greatest with your buriness together.

Categorie Laser targeted advertising strategies are the best way to get a better value with more attention, clicks and visitors for less money.

Every advertising which you put on our plattform is allways changeable, you got a new event next week? No probem, we will put the new banner for you inside and change the banners multiple times FOR FREE.

Look on our Pages and ask yourself where you wanna be present with your company, The header on the Mainpage, a targeted side ad, we are open minded and allways looking forward to keep the advertising exectly in the way you want it.

Any advertising which is sold are running on a base of minimum 3 month, Discounts be available for deals longer then 6 month.

Payments are in advance.Payments are acceptable in all currencys and prices are available via

For no Partners it is possible to purchase a advertising on our Facebook platform for your event/Party.You will get a Post on our Facebook page prefered 1 day before the Event cause its more effective or on the day u wish to advertise it +on the same day of the event, with pictures, information and anything more you want the audiance to know for as lil as just 1000Bht.


With Pattaya-Lifestyle

Side Advertising on Targeted Pages and Posts.

  • Increase Sales/attention for your company
  • Categorie Targeted Advertising
  • Width Audience 
  • Small Fees
  • Changeable Advertising Banner  For Free

999Bht / month

NO PartnerS

With Pattaya-lifestyle

Facebook advertising with a huge Audiance.

  • 1 FB Post with Pictures, Infos and anything you want on the day of your choise
  • +1 Post on the day of your Event

1000Bht / 2 FB Posts

To reservate now your advertising or got any open question, please dont hesitate to get in touch with

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