American Idiot Goes Crazy in Thai Jail

Shoot me Motherfucker, Shooooooot me.

I got no Clue what this Idiot do that he sit in Jail​, but this is not the way you can act in a thai jail, especially as a foreigner!

Watch how this Guy Piss in his Cell and show his Ass to the Police officer. I Only was wait that the Cop really Shoot him, properly his lucky day.

But will see which Thai person rape him later at the big Jail when he not stay alone anymore and have to share his cell with minimum 50 other rapists and murders.

Watch how this US Citizen goes nuts in a Thai Jail, Show his ass and Piss in his Jail cell. Motherfucker, Motherfucker, Motherfucker. Ok you Motorbike Idiot, we all understand you. You arent Happy with your situation. HAHAHA I Love It.

Mr Pattaya

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