Art in Paradise

When u wanna have a funny day with your family then i definatly can recommend this place.

Its pretty cheap with an entry fee under 200bht for the person, if thai citizen or foreigner citizen, here everybod pay the same price, so directly a big thumps up for the way they handle their customers.The most importent thing of all is, dont come here without your camera or your phone which is able to take pictures, cause u can make at the day here hundrets of photos and still want have enough, its all a very special kind of art, but when u see the pictures below u will understand why

.its perfect for the day time, while its outside hot as hell u can visit this place and relax in the aircon and got a funny day, its also acceptable to come alone, but actually make no sense, becaus nobody can make the pictures for u, so visit this place with your family or friends, as lest be a group of 2 person. The Location is at the enf of 2nd road on the left side, so pretty close to all the body massag parlors.

U will see the Sign at the end of 2nd road anyway.So u have less then 200bht a friend who wanna have a funny day inside a airconed hall in the daytime and alot of funny pictures to show back at home. Then come to Art in Paradise an have a great day.

U will definatly enjoy it!Give them guys a call when u wanna have some open questions answered: 038 424 500Below the google maps location, that u cant miss it.

You wanna have a good entertainment day with the whole family, then visit this awsome experience.

Mr Pattaya

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