Wanna enjoy a good beer bar, but got no clue where to start and which Soi's are Rocking, then check out our summery of Beer Bar Soi's

Soi Made in Thailand
Soi Made in Thailand is located opposite the Central festival or at View Talay 6.
Soi Buakhao
Soi Buakaow is one of the main roads in Pattaya and is filled with Beer Bars and girls.
Soi 6
The best and strangest Beer Bar Soi in the hole world, sorry I mean in the hole universe, this place[...]
Soi 7
Soi 7 is directly Located as a neighbor of Soi 8 and Pattaya klang, it counts to the top 3[...]
Soi 8
This Soi is properbly the Start of a Beer Bar tour where most of the farangs who visit for the first time[...]

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