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Alot of Storys, how to avoid Problems, tips where to go and how to act and below we also got our special section "Pictures and the Story's behinde"

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How a Pattaya day should look like
Okay, lets have a day full of Party, Girls, Alc. more Party, more Girls and more Alc.
The Typical Pattaya Sex Tourist
We all know this Typical typ of awkward sex tourists which care about nothing
What NOT to do in Pattaya Thailand
Yeah we properbly all know the main rules as, dont step on a coin (becaus the king is on it),[...]

Picture of the Day and their Storys behinde

Perfect thai match, the Beer for Him and the other toy for her
Thai people really dont enjoy to get wet, if in pattaya or bangkok, its everywhere the same 🙂
You definitely can sit down, but please be so kind and "do not shit here" - welcome to thailand lol
Need some traffic, then feel free to arrive in Thailand.
Another great Job of Thailands Mr.s electricity
Look like those Pattaya/Bangkok girls was party a lil hard 🙂
Welcome to thailand, in this taxi you need to pay a 50 bht fine for each quite fart you let inside[...]
Safety first, I know, but in thailand we dont give a fuck lol
W got an acciddent, better call the emergency sex service LOL. Only in thailand!
Good Thai Girl of the Month, now you even have to love thai girls more 😉
The people in thailand dont like cheating, if in school or the after live 😉 and in both this is the[...]
Hmmmm, I ask me what those thai people are watching now at the TV. Some porn or some muay thai, who[...]
Dont stop the party?! Just some monks in a car
Who need some Thai soup for sluts?
Enough hard and smart work for today, lets have a beer break.
Just another random strange sitting in a Thai train and thinks he is a pharao, how you cant love this[...]
555 Any Chick should wear those under a leggings. Welcome to thailand.
Need a hair cut?! Get it in the normals Thai Style LOL
Welcom to Bangkok at night, how you cant love BKK city.
Spotted somewhere in Isaan, I only ask me how they wanna handle all the Thai mosquitos.
a 100% normal Motorcycle at the Highway, who need Sois?!
The things you see here in Thailand, after a while its getting obvious to you.
Its officially Bed time in Pattaya, so go to bed and sleep... or something like that
When you are looking for that special gift which you boght in thailand for the family.
What are thos Thai people doing all day long?!
Its Banana Time in Thailand 😉
Properly a real thai dog, as least 1on1 the same mentality. 1 day they will be a biiiiig whatever....
Seems like Thailand start to habe rain all day all night, no problem for those 2 rain pro's
Be carefull, the Smart Thai Police is everywhere.
Nothing special here in thailand, just a dog who ride a scooter
Today I better wont buy any diapers, look creepy as fuck
And the award of beeing the most stupid idiot motherfucker, goes to this thai cunt!!!! Like seriously??!?!?!
Thats how it have to be, the monks take it from the poor people, and the dogs are taking it[...]
R.I.P. my Kentucky friend, I will miss you for a short time.
Nice, a healthy refrigerater, so properly not mine. 
What the fuck is wrong with this country and ther crazy ladyboys lol
Looks like this young thai men is a big friend of bling bling
Properly the Lifestyle from alot of us guys 😉
I guess he/she is not the only hungry person here. Welcome to Thailand
Thats the only acceptable way how your Thai GF have to serve breakfast!
Welcome to Thailand 🙂
Thai Girls Love to sleep long and make the breakfast while still being Sexy. How you can't love this?
Sangsom is definitely one of the Nationae Love this Country have, I totally Agree. Also wanna be there.
We all love the good fresh Thai food. At this Noodle Soup Shop you even get a FREE protein snack with[...]
You can take the Girl out of the Village, But you can't take the Village out of the Girl.
Thailand is well knowing for there awsome Thai food. You have to Love the clean Thai Kitchen.
Good Morning from Somewhere in Isaan, I ask me how they survive all the Mosquitos!
This Trucker is definitely blessed with lot of luck, I hope the he can see something as least.
Pattaya in Thailand is a beautiful ocean place, but dont forget the Pattaya Nightlife in walking street where you find Girls[...]
And the Award to the Thai Stundman of the year goes to...
Enjoy the Party Nightlife with the Girls in Pattaya. Today is Children's day LOL
Oh, She want Love me Long time, thats ok cause. The Pattaya Nightlife will Love me Long Time. 
So the Suitcase for your next Trip to Pattaya is booked? Should properly look something like that.
Do You Love BKK "BangCock", yeah so we do 555
Looks Like The Pattaya Post men Isnt read for a seconde Trip.
Ahhhh, Pattaya Back in 1940 when It still was a small lovely Fishing Village, no High Riesers, No Girls, no[...]
Just another Thai Karaoke Party in Pattaya. Looks for me like nothing can go dangerou or wrong here.
We want to Introduce the New World Champion of Leo, 40 degree and Chang. Hahaha what a douchebag
Its in Thailand same everywhere in the world, every hot Girl got her Fat best friend
This Idiot will properly allways remember the Pattaya Nightlife. Im excited about the happines his wife will have in her face[...]
Seems like it wasnt only a hard Night for me, check my better half out.
This Guy really know how to drive with Class, as least he got his first half pay of already, Congrats[...]
How fucking awsome is this, You have to Love Asian Girls.
Dont Stop the Party, but Ok, it looks Safe and not Dangerous at all...
DJ Monk is in the House and show the Staffs how it goes 555555
No clue what should be wrong at this private toilett, 555 only in thailand.  
When you trying to be decent sexy, but you want.  
A Typically Picture of Thailand, what actually can go wrong here lol. Anyway, allways safty first in Thailand.
A Normals Christmas day in Thailand, Properly the real future of alot from us
Safety first as allways in thailand, watch how this guys transport a scooter on a scooter, when they have enough money[...]
So i already waste 1h in marine while playing pool with this chick, until i make this photo. Can u[...]
Facebook let them think they all super models with a couple of likes, actually they be nothing else then farmer[...]
At the Buddah Hill, just another lil monk who wants more luck in life.
My last Late Night snack before heading home, hmmmm yummy that skinny doll.
Family day at Koh Larn, such a beautiful Island, recommended when u wanna leve the husstle in Pattaya.
Thai People are really inventive when it goes about to help them self out, no shower in the house, watch[...]
So I meet this lil Isaan chick with 0 words of english knowledge, 1 year later i was get a[...]

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