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Touch Agogo

The Touch Agogo is located on Soi LK when u come from soi buakhao directly the third Agogo on the left side.

This Shop is one of the newest Agogos at Soi LK and also in hole pattaya.

The music is a chilled techno and a house mix to which actually every girl should be able to dance. With 40+ girls u will find very fast somebody who is willing to take care you for the whole Night, everything is up to the customer.

Most of the girls here are pretty young and good looking, they also got some nice happy hours and cheap draft beer All Night if u wanna safe your drinking money for the girls.

Customers here are foreigners which wanna have a good time, Most of the staffs are trained very well, but how I say, most of them, u also will find one or another staff which better shouldn wake up and come to work, but hey, thats pattaya.

See below the original location in google maps, to find it without any husstle.

Barfine is 1.000Bht in the girls go with you for about 3.000Bht​

Give "The ​Touch Agogo Girls Photos" Gallery a click, and watch all the sexy girls in real:

The Touch Agogo is one of the newest Agogo’s in town, and also located on SOI LK, With Shower and body painting shows.

Skyfall Agogo

U Love a good party and a lot of sexy girls, then u are here definatly right, the girls looks stunning and know exectly how to entertain and keep there customers happy. They properly have +100 girls which work there every single night.

One of the biggest plus points this agogo have, is that they have a real manager, and in this case its not the typically stupid mamasan which almost speak no word english, no its a super friendly, fair und easy going cool thai man, his name is bom and he really know how to keep his customers allways happy and never let them leave with a problem. NEVER EVER!

The prices for the drinks are fair when u compare it to the quailty of the girls which surrounds you, it give definatly cheaper Agogos, but they also want have the same quality and amount of girls which this place definitely have.

Barfine is before 12 p.m. 1.500Bht, and after this 1.000Bht, for the models 500 more, the Girls go with you for 3.000Bht.

The music is a good mix out of all different kinds, from techno beats till hip hop, you will get it all here in Skyfall.

Give the "Skyfall Agogo Girls Photos" Gallery a click, and watch the Girls:

The Skyfall Agogo dont need a gogole maps location;) Its directly on the start from beach road on the right side, and u CANT miss it!!!

U Love a good party and a lot of sexy girls, then u are here definatly right. One of the first Agogos on the right side comming from beach road to walking street.

Iron Club Agogo

The Ironclub Agogo is a huge area which is filled up with even more girls.

Its splitt into 3 different stages, while the middel stage is a shower place where the girls be completly naked and rub them self you got on the other 2 stages very motivated dancers, Its really nice to watch them while sipping on a drink.

Prices for the girls will start at 3.000Bht for Short time if you able to negotiate, a Lady drink is necessary.

The prices for drinks are actually a bit more expensive then most of the other Agogos, it happens pretty fast that you order a sang some coke and see that u already got a bill from 200bht, but when u see the girls there u will understand why.

Without any doubt they got one of the best staffs in town.

Amount of the girls should be 100+ which be everyday there for you to let your dreams come true, give it a visit and check this place out.

Wanna see some pictures of the girls inside before visit this place?

No problem check out our "Ironclub Agogo Girls Photos" Gallery and watch the girls in real:

Google Maps, cant find this place, so i put Airport Agogo inside, Iron Club is the club directly left.

This Agogo have 3 huge dance stages and differente shows every night to entertain you in another way.

Living Dools Showcase Agogo

The Living Dools Showcase Agogo is Located on the middel of walkig street, short before the world famous iBar/Insomnia and stay on the right side.

As good i know they dont have any happy hours , but one thing they deffinatly have, and that is alot of hot damn girls. Most of them are very young, skinny and good looking, so everything a big named agogo same Living Dools should have. So visit them and enjoy your night with those stunning girls.

The Staffs which bring your drink be super trained, but the mamasan's with ther unfriendly kind and the girls which walk around with there tequila blades to sell can really get annoying after a time.

But as least they have two english speking foreigners there which be the managers and allways looking forward to make you happy.

How the name showcase say it already, they have a nice show, where the extra hot babes perform an special show for you, so lay back and enjoy your drink.

Under the 80+ girls which works there every night to serve you, it want be hard to find your "love" of the night, all of those girls are ready for a communication and be easy to chat with, so choose your lucky one and enjoy the party.

Wonder how the Girls look inside and in real? No problem, watch the "Living Dools Showcase Girls Photos" Gallery and get a real view of them:

Close to Ibar/Insomnia u will be at the lovely Living Dolls Agogo which is allways for some suprises good.

The Palace Agogo

The Palace Agogo is directly located on the World Famous Walking Street.

When u that kind of person which only wanna have that 100% stunner typically high class looking Bangkok girls, then this is exectly the place where u wanna be.

Barfine for models before 12 p.m. is 2.000Bht so take your launchmoney with.​

Most of the customers here are Asian's like China, Japan, Korea customers, but the girls here also love the foreigner guys, compare it to Baccara, hot girls but when u a foreigner u have absolutly no chances. But not at Palace Agogo, even this place is full of the asia guys u still will get them. Mean the girls here are pretty sexy and still go with any man that have enough money in there pockets.

The Palace Agogo is actually not the biggest agogo when we talk about the space inside, but they still put 100 girls inside, so u will be definitely​ in tightest contact with some of the hottest girls in town.

Every Tuesday they got ​ther unbelivable all night happy hour for ONLY 90bht, so u even can drink a Corona there or an cocktail/Wine for 90Bht. The price feels like free when u be there surrounded from all those Super hot girls.

Seriously, the girls are more then hot, the prices are fair and the music is great!​

Give "The ​Palace Agogo Girls Photos" Gallery a click, and watch the girls:

Thailands High Class Hooker are all located at the famous Nightlife Agogo called The Palace Agogo on Walking Street.

Sugar Agogo

Sugar Sugar Agogo Is the first bar on the corner at Soi LK comming from Soi Buakaow.

If u like partys then u will​ love this place, cause they got regular party motoshows. As the most of the agogos in soi LK they got a happy hour until 09:30 p.m.

Most of the girls are pretty hot and will try there best​ to give u an unforgetable night. Without any doubt you will find somebody that is willing to take care you. The amount of girls which dancing are something around 40+ girls.

The only big problem is that u CANT smoke inside, and i know what u think now. ahhh this is thailand​, for sure they want care if i light up a cigarett, but believ me, they will.

So when u a smoker its definitely a shitty situation to leave every 30 min. the place to go outside for a cigaret while just ordering a Lady drink. U a smoker then Avoid this Place, but when you anti smoking go there and you will have a great time.

Barfine 1.000Bht and the Girls anything between 2.000bht and 4.000Bht.​

Why not see first some of these girls before visiting? check out our Gallery of some of the hot Sugar Sugar Agogo Girls Photos​

If u like partys then u will love this place, cause they got regular motoshows Partys. Its the first Agogo on the corner comming from Soi Buakhao

Heaven Above Agogo

Heaven above agogo, is one of the real old traditionel pattaya agogos.

This place is funny, sometimes u go there and only think like what the fuck is that for an fat trash, then u come a week later and the place is full of stunning young nice skinny girls which come fresh from the rice corner farm at Isaan.

 This place is really an awsome​ secrete tipp for nice girls.

They also have some good happy hour times​ in the early and in the late hours, so u will be allways having a cheap drink there, and if u like draft beer, then get one, cause they got draft beer all night long.

The girls are properly something around 70+ Girls​ and most of the times the girls are really really hot, so definatly go there and give them a visit.

Nice staffs, sexy girls, good prices for drinks and a good music vibe from a DJ who know how to rock a party.​

Barfine is 1.000Bht. Prices for the Girls are very negotiable, when they pretty fresh from the farm try to tell them that 1.500Bht for Long time is totally acceptable, who knows, maybe u will get them cause they dont know to much.

The Location cant be better with staying directly inside Soi Diamond in walking street, only go the steps up and u in heaven. ​Give it a visit, its really worth it.

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Looking for some fresh girls from the farm, Heaven above agogo is one of the real old traditionel pattaya agogos and will give you all you need.

Sapphire Agogo

Sapphire is definatly one of the best Agogo's in town, not only the fact that they got every night more then 100+ girls dancing on stage to some nice tunes.

They also have an unbelivable Sunday Happy Hour which goes all night long

Yeah, u hear right, all night happy hour every sunday, that mean u can enjoy a 80Bht Gin Tonic while looking to some of the most beautiful girls in town.

The owners of this place are some good guys, they be active on a lot of charities from the money they earn inside the Agogo on some special nights.

They also have the Pool angels from Thailand got Talent show which be real professionel pool dancers, and when i say professional i really mean it, this have nothing todo with that boring standart shit where the girls stay on the pole like they take a sleep.​ I see this all the time in some Agogo's. At Sapphre you allways will get entertaint.

Barfine around 1.500Bht and the girls want anything between 3.000Bht - 5.000Bht

Its directly located on Soi 15 and is easy to find, especially with all the staffs outside and there signs.

You wanna get a taste of the stunning Girls, then check out our Photo Gallerie of the Hot Sapphire Girls::​

Sapphire Agogo located at the world famous Walking Street Nightlife will entertain you, like most of the Beer bars cant.

The Dollhouse Agogo

The Dollhouse is a brand new opened Agogo which opens there doors to Christmas in 2015, but the owner's of the dollhouse agogo dont be new at all in the business, they also own the Club Electric Blue and the even newer G-Spot Agogo,.

​The owners of the company run Nightlife business almost for 20 years, so trust me when i tell you that you want get bored here, they know exectly how to handle ther Jobs and keep the girls motivated.

Its prette easy to find, go to Soi 15 in walking street and u will be there.

They got something around 60 girls, where properbly 40 of them are pretty sexy​ and worth it to take them home. They also have a Shower show where allways as least 2 lil stunning, young skinny girls inside while dancing totally naked for you and entertain u all night long. 

So its definatly a watch worth​, especially becaus the prices are VERY affordable for any drink. But they also have a Happy hour from 08:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. on all drink, and all night draft beer for 69Bht. When your Bill still get to expensive why not use your kreditcard, they accept it.

So enjoy your night at Dollhouse Agogo and check out the Photo Gallery below.

Brand new opened Agogo which opens there doors to Christmas in 2015, but the owner’s of the dollhouse agogo dont be new at all in the business, they also own the Club Electric Blue and the ever newer G-Spot Agogo

Lady Love Agogo

Lady Love Agogo is definatly one of the best Agogos in Soi LK, even im not a huuuuge friend of LK metro, but when im there im allways up for a look inside lady love and check out the latest talents.

​How i say it already, u can find it in the famous LK Metro directly locted on Soi Buakaow or when u come from Soi Diana then its the first one on the right side.

Even they not the cheapest Agogo on Soi LK, compared to all the other Agogos around which sell draft beer for 79Bht, but as least they got a happy hour till 09:30 p.m.​, so go there a bit earlyer and enjoy. Also the benefit of being a bit more early there, is that u can see all the girls before they got barfined.

​The music is a good Mix out of all kinds u can imagine, the Girls dancing pretty sexy and the Staffs are allways friendly, so it give no reason to want visit that place.

Barfine is 1.000 Bht and the girls around 3.000Bht for the Night.

The Amount of girls is something about 40 girls, most of them are pretty hot young chicks, so go there and grap yourself one or two 😉

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The Best Agogo at Soi LK located in Soi buakhaow. Cheap drinks and sexy Girls expect you here all Night for Long Time or Short time.