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Soi Made in Thailand

Soi Made in Thailand is located between 2nd road (opposit Central festival or View talay 6) and Soi Buakhaow.

This soi is for a fun night more then awsome, u will get here everything u need.

​The Soi have more then 100+ Bars on a 150 meters distance walk, cause u got like 4 bars in a row, so the amount of girls is easily 500+, yeah i know thats sounds awsome, and the good point is, it really is awsome.

Most of the Bars ther have regular bday party for all of the girls, that mean live ​karaoke bars, magic shows, free buffet and so on.

The prices here are pretty cheap, some of the bars sell a sangsome coke for 40 bht and the more expensive bars there still sell it for 75bht, so u cant say that its expensive to have a nice evening in that soi.

Most of the girls will do anything to take care you as good as possible​. Barfines should be around 300bht for the bar and another 1000bht for the girl, is long or short time depence on your negotiation, but u shouldn pay more then 2000bht for long time, I guess 1500 for long time is more then ok for this soi.

Really can recommend this place for a funny evening with a nice round of pool, lot of girls and way to much cheap alcohol.

Check the location below and give this soi a visit for a funny good times.​

Soi Made in Thailand is located opposite the Central festival or at View Talay 6.

Soi Buakhao

Soi Buakhao is one of the main roads in Pattaya and its filled with Beer bars, more bars and way more girls.

With the perfect location between 2nd road in 3rd road u cant miss it, from soi buakhao u come to all the lovly soi's same as soi diana, soi honey, soi excite and soi LK. This road is busy all day, most of the foreigners come here in the daytime to enjoy theire first beer of the day at the sunshine and have a lil chat with the girls.

The prices are very acceptable and want drive u nuts, all of the girls here are very friendly, even this soi have more then 100+ bars to visit. So sit down in a Tuktuk for 10 bht and drive the soi along until u find the girl u like.

Also visit some of the sidesoi's, i really can recommend to go to soi LK, its an Agogo complex with a lot of hot chicks and many happy hour spiecals.

Visit also soi Honey, this soi is a place where u can literally have a massag a blowjob and short time for 1000bht and its all included, u will get that also at 9 a.m., the girls in this soi never sleep and be 24h available. so when u think its now impossible to find something, then come down here, u will get everything u need in here.​

How i say, soi buakhao is really a cool place for any time of the day, if morning, daytime or nighttime u will get here what u want and what u deserv in your hard earned holiday.

Check out the location bewlow to find it and give it a try, u want regret it.

Soi Buakaow is one of the main roads in Pattaya and is filled with Beer Bars and girls.

Soi 6

Doesent matter how much u travel, it also dosent matter what kind of sex tourist you be.

You say about yourself that u see almost every place when it comes to sex, if afrika, brazil, russia, cambodia or what ever, u cant compare this Soi to nothing else in the world.

Soi 6 is like a own planet, it not even have something to do with pattaya, so crazy the girls are here.Imagine like that, u walk a 200 meter soi down wich have more then 90 bars and almost 800 girls. Did that sounds awsome? yeah it sounds fucking the best point of all, almost every girl in this soi is directl read forsome sex, short time 1000bht und longtime up to 2000bht, everbody pays here the same price, if u are a 20 year old male model and be rich or if u a fat old guy who not shower for a week, u only need 1000bht.

So its perfect for all those kind of mens, which not be the most attractiv anymore and dont want the husstle inside the Discos where the girl chose as least a bit with who they go home or with who not.Drinks be under 100bht and ladydrink something around 115bht, so its very affordable.

How I already say, u will find anything here, if young 18 year old girls which come fresh from a rice farm in Isaan or if u wanna have a girl with 25 years of sex experince. Ugot some ladyboys, some fat girls and some extra skinny girls. So here u got every type of girl.Give it a try and go there to check it our by yourself, but better walk a step faster cause when u want to stop to check out a girls the girls directly try to push u inside theire Bars and will grap your dick like u a peace of nothing.Its perfect for the Daytime, U horny in the Daytime?

Come and visit this soi with opening times at 02:00 p.m., to take your girl upstair to the short time rooms u have to pay an additional Fee of 300 bht.A nice Agogo evening will cost u very fast 6000bht a night, not so in soi 6, u will get here the same for maximum 3000bht, and with same I mean u will get a girl the room some condoms and be drunk as shit.

Nowadays these is really the most epic Soi in the hole city, give it a try and prepare yourself, it will get funy and nasty as hell, so have fun and enjoy your Soi 6 day.

The best and strangest Beer Bar Soi in the hole world, sorry I mean in the hole universe, this place is crazy.

Soi 7

Soi 7 is directly Located as a neighbor of Soi 8 and Pattaya klang, it counts to the top 3 of beer bar Sois.

This Soi got plenty of beer bar's, and will open and start to make fun at round about 08:00 p.m., in most ofthe bars u can enjoy a cheap drink and play a bit with the girls, or with the pool table, its your choise.

They also have a Agogo inside this soi, but lets be anust when a wanna have a Agogo night then i want go to Soi 7, Soi 7 is only about cheap drinks in a beer bar and be surrounding from nice girls which u can play pool with or play any other kind of silly thai games they have.

The Barfine here is 300 bht in the Bars and the Girls want anything between 1000bht and 2500bht for short or long time, same as allways it depend on your quality of negotiate.

So come down here with a friend or without enjoy a drink and grap a girl for a good funny times.Check out the Location below to find it the most easy, but dont worry it want hard to find cause its located at the most central soi in Pattaya.

Soi 7 is directly Located as a neighbor of Soi 8 and Pattaya klang, it counts to the top 3 of beer bar Sois.

Soi 8

This Soi is properbly the Start of a Beer Bar tour where most of the farangs who visit for the first time thailand.

Its directly the neighbor soi of the Police station and the world famous 5 Star shopping mall complex called Central festival.The girls here are allways funny and open for any kind of stupid joke, same as in soi 7 the prices for the girls are almost simular, 300bht barfine, and anything between 1000bht and 2500bht from short time to long time is possible, try to negotiate as good as possible.

This place is also nice to come a bit down from the real hardcore night at walking street, visit this soi with a friend play a round pool, take a cheap drink and have a chat with one of the hundreds girls.

If u like Soi 8 give soi 7 also a try, these Soi's are actually exectly the same, everything goes about girls in a more quiet area where u dont have to scream at each other caus the music which comes out of the speakers is so loud that u cant even understand your own word.

But not here, the music is allways on a good level, not to loud and not to quietSo on if u in pattay and wanna have a relax nice evening out with a nice group of friends then give soi 8 a try, u want pay a fortune but still will have a lot of fun with all those girls.See the Location below to find it in the most easy way.

This Soi is properbly the Start of a Beer Bar tour where most of the farangs who visit for the first time thailand.