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So i already waste 1h in marine while playing pool with this chick, until i make this photo. Can u imagine how fast i went off.


Facebook let them think they all super models with a couple of likes, actually they be nothing else then farmer girls.


At the Buddah Hill, just another lil monk who wants more luck in life.


My last Late Night snack before heading home, hmmmm yummy that skinny doll.


Family day at Koh Larn, such a beautiful Island, recommended when u wanna leve the husstle in Pattaya.


Thai People are really inventive when it goes about to help them self out, no shower in the house, watch how they help themselfs.


So I meet this lil Isaan chick with 0 words of english knowledge, 1 year later i was get a line messag that she speak now English, thats the resulte. Un fucking belivable.

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