Elephant Throw Tourist in the Air at a Sanctuary in Thailand

Yesterday a Video went Viral about an uploaded liveleak video with an elephant which throws a Tourist thrue the Air.

Credit for text and Video goes to LiveLeak‚Äč:

"I went to Thailand with a group of friends after planning the trip for about 8 months. Elephants were my favorite animal. Elephant things are all over my desk at work. I have elephant clothes and elephant kitchen tools. So, going to the elephant sanctuary was supposed to be the highlight of my trip. I was also planning on getting an elephant bamboo tattoo while I was in Thailand, which I definitely didn't do after this experience. I went from loving elephants, to now being terrified of them"

In my opionion the Tourist was do nothing wrong, the elephant was properly only fucked up about the way animals get treat in Thailand. When you visit a Animal Park in thailand before, you know exectly what I mean.

Yesterday a Social Video went Viral about a Elephant which throws a Tourists thrue the Air.

Mr Pattaya

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