How a Pattaya day should look like

Okay, lets have a day full of Party, Girls, Alc. more Party, more Girls and more Alc.

Take a deep long sleep so that you have power for the full day.​

​To Start the day right and get enough power for the day get at first a balanced breakfast.

But let the food be as cheap as possible, so u have more money to spend on girls and alc. Visit Soi Lengkee between​ 3rd road and soi buakaow and get for only 100bht a huge brakfast, It includes 1 orange juice, 1 Coffee or Tea, 2 Sausages, 2 pices of canadian Bacon, 2 Potatos, a fried tomato, 1 black pudding, a fair portion of baked beans some side bread with a egg served the way you like it. So after u got alot of protein inside your body which soon will leave again your body you ready to rock.

Its now something like 2 p.m. and you can start your day already, so why not head of to one of the many gentleman clubs, like Club 4, pirates, sinclub or 007, which all stay in the same Soi. Go their grap a Chang beer, close the curtains for 300 bht and get a 500bht blowjob while sitting relaxed there chatting on your phone and enjoy a cigarett.

When u dont was find here anything attractiv, then directly head of to the REAL fun, so lets go to Soi 6

Take a walk thrue the whole Soi to check out the bar with the most hot girls, remember this bar and turn back to it when u find nothing better​ anymore. Sit down grap yourself a drink and wave the beauty of your choise to you, buy her a drink to make her happy and she will take care your lil one and will make you happy, so its an easy Win/Win situation. 

Let all your dirty fantasys come true, never saw a girl there wich say no to anything, there are only the lil isaan girl which say yes to everything. 1000bht the fuck and 300 for a room, so u can have easily a daytime 3some for 2600bht, life is awsome here 🙂

Time is running  pretty fast with all the fun you got here in the daytime, so look that you not get to drunk and can stay as least on one leg after leaving here.

So after your fuck/drink session is finish its time for a lil recover for the Nighttime, go and get yourself a traditionell Thai Massag for 150bht and close your eyes for a hour, after this go straight home take a shower, shave and get some fresh clothes on. When leaving the Hotel to walking street, look on the streets for some food to digest the soon coming alc.

Arrived in walking street its time for a Agogo tour, under all the bars it give so many​ Agogos which have draft beer for as cheap as 69bht, take them when u see them, the other bars with a beer price for 180bht not directly have better looking girls, so get some damn draft beer and safe the money for better and more girls. 

Even most of the people say the first choise is in most cases the best, but thats not the rule for pattaya, u will see anytime and everywhere hot girls, so look as least a bit that she's a cool girl with a bit of understanding from what you want and what you need.​

Barfine her and look what u do with her, a short time in a hotel room at walkig street and kick her agan away, or take her with to a party in one of the many nightclubs this city have to offer​, its all up to you. I not even would necessary barfine her, she finish work anyway with her bitch friends in one of the Nightclubs, so why waste the barfine money senseless.

So now its Party time, start at something like iBar cause this place is already full at 11.30 p.m. with ALL the freelancers in the whole city. Search for a table buy a bottle and watch what ever past you, if u like something give her a smile and she will automatically come over to your table, even she want like you, as least she will come cause she see that you have a bottle on your table and that mean free alc. for the girls. So enjoy the party there.

When its getting 3 in the morning head of to Marine Discos where now all the Agogo girls will be, which just finish work and looking for a customer, this is the place where u can safe your stupid overprices Agogo barfine.​

The Party here is epic and u want forgett it. Dance until your feet brake and like there is no tomorrow morning with headach.

After leaving the Club then at 6 a.m. its time for going home to your boom boom love room, grap some Thai street food for 50 bht to make your thai girl mouth dead with the stupid shit like im hungry i wanna go home talk. Let her eat something while you enjoying a last cold beer out of your frigerater.

Finally you give her your last power with the last protein from your morning breakfast and take a sleep for the whole day.

We hope u enjoy your crazy days in Pattaya....

Okay, lets have a day full of Party, Girls, Alc. more Party, more Girls and more Alc.

Mr Pattaya

More then 8 years in Thailand and 5 in Pattaya, its still not getting boring, here u find all the real Info's you need to know about Pattaya. When something is unclear then let me know it. Follow us also on Youtube and Facebook.