Iron Club Agogo

The Ironclub Agogo is a huge area which is filled up with even more girls.

Its splitt into 3 different stages, while the middel stage is a shower place where the girls be completly naked and rub them self you got on the other 2 stages very motivated dancers, Its really nice to watch them while sipping on a drink.

Prices for the girls will start at 3.000Bht for Short time if you able to negotiate, a Lady drink is necessary.

The prices for drinks are actually a bit more expensive then most of the other Agogos, it happens pretty fast that you order a sang some coke and see that u already got a bill from 200bht, but when u see the girls there u will understand why.

Without any doubt they got one of the best staffs in town.

Amount of the girls should be 100+ which be everyday there for you to let your dreams come true, give it a visit and check this place out.

Wanna see some pictures of the girls inside before visit this place?

No problem check out our "Ironclub Agogo Girls Photos" Gallery and watch the girls in real:

Google Maps, cant find this place, so i put Airport Agogo inside, Iron Club is the club directly left.

This Agogo have 3 huge dance stages and differente shows every night to entertain you in another way.

Mr Pattaya

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