Living Dools Showcase Agogo

The Living Dools Showcase Agogo is Located on the middel of walkig street, short before the world famous iBar/Insomnia and stay on the right side.

As good i know they dont have any happy hours , but one thing they deffinatly have, and that is alot of hot damn girls. Most of them are very young, skinny and good looking, so everything a big named agogo same Living Dools should have. So visit them and enjoy your night with those stunning girls.

The Staffs which bring your drink be super trained, but the mamasan's with ther unfriendly kind and the girls which walk around with there tequila blades to sell can really get annoying after a time.

But as least they have two english speking foreigners there which be the managers and allways looking forward to make you happy.

How the name showcase say it already, they have a nice show, where the extra hot babes perform an special show for you, so lay back and enjoy your drink.

Under the 80+ girls which works there every night to serve you, it want be hard to find your "love" of the night, all of those girls are ready for a communication and be easy to chat with, so choose your lucky one and enjoy the party.

Wonder how the Girls look inside and in real? No problem, watch the "Living Dools Showcase Girls Photos" Gallery and get a real view of them:

Close to Ibar/Insomnia u will be at the lovely Living Dolls Agogo which is allways for some suprises good.

Mr Pattaya

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