Pattaya city have 1000 of massage shops, its very easy and uncomplicated to find one u like.

Leave your house/hotel/condo walk 100 meters and u will find a massag shop on any corner in this city. The prices are very different, if u take a massage on soi buakaow close to the end of pattaya klang u will get a simple food massag for 100bht for 1h, if u go to pratumnak where not that much massag shops it can be good possible that u will pay 300bht for a single massag.How every 150bht for a massag is here i guess the normal price for a foot or thai massag, all other kinds of massag same oil massage or pedicure manicure are more expensiv, but its still not comparable to the huge prices we pay back in our conutrys, so get there and get your massag.

Most of the Shops got high trained staffs which really know how to do a massag, learnd it and work in this industry since they very young, so they have a huge experience and the knowledge. But u also will find alot of unprofessional massage shops.

The first thing u can check to look if professional or not is if the girls outside all have the same traditional thai massage outfit on or not. if they wear ther normal cloths that only mean that u have to keep walking and look for another place.I only can recommend to get as least once a week a massage, its cheap u can calm down as good as possible and it really helps your body to feel fresh and strong again.Most of the ladys really look for a nice conversation, so u also get entertained, but dont worry, if u wanna sleep tell them to be quiet and they definatly will.

They also want wake you up after your hour of massag is finish, they will let u sleep until u wake up. ok it depends on how full the shop is, when they got more customers then seats then they will wake u up pretty fast, but that shouldnt happen with thousends of different shops.So go and get yourself what u deserve, if thai massage, oil massage or foot massage u will start to love it and get pretty fast addicted to it.Thai massages or awsome, cheap and good for your body, so if u in the city go to soi Buakaow and check one of the many Massage shops out.

Pattaya city have 1000 of massage shops, its very easy and uncomplicated to find one u like.

Mr Pattaya

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