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Fake Eyeglasses worth 40 Million Bath found
210.000 fake pair of Sunnglasses was found bye the Bangkok police by the Department of Special Investigation.
Most Bar Closed From 25-27 October
Most Bar owner was noticed from the Police that all bars have to be close for 3 days during the royal[...]
Koh Phangan Cancelled Full Moon Party for October
Koh Phangang officers choose to stop the full moon party due to th respect of the soon coming funeral of[...]
Russian Arrested After Assault Passenger
Another russian was arrested on wednesday night after attacking a tourist and a pattaya delivery driver.
German Tourist Were Killed in Samui at a Scooter Accident
On Sunday night 2 german tourist was killed at a scooter accident with a russian expat inside his SUV.  
Thailand Will Launch a Line Taxi Soon
On Monday it was announced on a press conference that Line and Siam Taxi co operative will launch a new[...]
Australian Citizen Slits his Throat at Suvarnabhumi
Another Australian tried to Kill his self in the early morning hours of sunday at the suvarnabhumi airport in Bangkok.
Australian Died While Parasailing in Phuket
On wednesday afternoon Mr. John Roger Hussey a 70 year old australian citizen die at Kata Beach in Phuket after[...]
Another Raid on Africans at Sukhumvit – 21 arrested
Police and military from various division and departmnts found 80 african suspected at Sukhumvit Soi 4, while 21 was getting[...]
Be Carefull While Smoking Cigarettes In Thailand – New Law
After the numbers rise high of death related victims through cigarettes in thailand, the ministry of public health announced the[...]
Swede Died While Falling Through The Roof of Neighbour From His Balcony
A Swedish citizen died in the early hours of friday, while he was falling from his balcony at his condo[...]
Idiot Thai man have motorbike Accident on thai Street – Video
Allways be carefull when crossing Streets in Thailand, if you dont and wanna be cool like this guy, then shit[...]
Irish citizen Killed In Car Accident While Having Sex
In the early hours on wednesday morning a Irishman died in a car accident in Chiang Rai while having sex[...]
Cops in Koh Samui Ordered Party Shutdown at 1am
Seems like the big party life in Thailand find slowly but sure an end, even the Party people at Koh[...]
Britney Spears – Toxic BKK Version
So Britney Spears is coming Live to Bkk and the Thai people show ther respect by covering this funny video.
Dead Bar Girl Found Cut in Half
Police have launched a murder investigation following the discovery of body of a young bargirl who had been killed, cut[...]
Pregnant Birtish Killed by 18 Wheeler
The Boyfriend of the british Girl which was pregnant and died in a motorbike accident on the streets of phuket,[...]
Allways Look Twice Before Crossing a Street In Thailand – Video Footage
Watch the Dashcam footage which captured the sec. a women crossed a busy road in chonburi while she was talking[...]
Thai Street Fight Ends With a kitchen Knife In The Head
A citizen from burmese was stabbed last night in a street fight at the ssathorn district inf Bangkok with a[...]
Gogo Dancer From Nana Killed In Motorbike Accident
In the early hours of wednesday morning a young dancer which worked at Nana Plaza died after falling from her[...]
Zad Club at KhaoSan Busted by Army and Facing Five Year Closure
Another late night club located at khao san road was busted in the early houres this saturday by the military.
Danish Tourist died after taxi driver fall in sleep while driving
Another danish victim was killed at the Kamphaeng Phet province thrue a taxi driver which fall in sleep and crashed[...]
Father Kills his daughter and after himself on Facebook Live
The 21 year old offender tied a rope around the neck of his baby and throw her twice of the[...]
British citizen falls three floors to his Death on a Walking Street Hotel
In the early hours of friday morning a british tourist was fall the floors down from his Balcony at a[...]
Two Days Ban a Week of Sun Umbrellas at Pattaya Beaches
Pattaya City hall is working on a plan how to get the beach of Pattaya and Jomtien more clean and[...]
Another Drunk Idiot Mini Van Driver Kills Two Innocent’s (Video)
Another horrible Traffic Accident which happend in Rayong from a drunken mini van driver which crossing into the oncoming traffic.[...]
American Idiot Goes Crazy in Thai Jail
Watch how this US Citizen goes nuts in a Thai Jail, Show his ass and Piss in his Jail cell.[...]
British Citizen falls from a Train after taking a Selfie
On Suterday morning a young British traveller was brought to the hospital after falling out of a train in Chumphon[...]
Another Suicide at Suvarnabhumi Airport
Mr. Alan Paul Grimes a 32 year old foreigner jumped into his death from the fourth floor of the Suvarnabhumi[...]
Thailand got a New Tax which has passed into the Law
The Brand new excise Tax ceiling rates had beed passed into the law after being published in the royal gazette[...]
Australian Tourist Send Home after Killing his GF in a Tragic Jet Ski Accident
Mr. Thomas Keating 22 was given today a two year suspended sentence and finded with 5.000 Bhat at the Phuket[...]
Pattaya Immigration Police arrested foreigner Mafioso’s which are searched from Interpool
On Monday the Immigration Police announced that they have arrested 14 suspected drug dealers which are all searched from there[...]
Russian Tourist died through a Drunk Russian Driver in Jomtien
At 5 a.m. in the ealy hours on Friday the Police and rescue team was called to the Now Hotel[...]
Blue Sky bar on Pattaya Walking Street burns down
A bar on Walking Street in Pattaya was burned down in the early hours of wednesday morning at around 07:30[...]
The Happy Zone is Coming to Pattaya Walking Street on March 25
With a new raid at Pattaya walking Street and a walk through with all the big boys in brown (Police)[...]
Australia Hells Angels beat up there thai colleagues
A Member of the Pattaya Hells Angels Mr. Thaksin Monthontjaksin age 39, reported to the media that he was get[...]
Thai Girlfriend Suicide after arguing with her Japanese Love
In the early hours of Saturday morning a 33 year old tha girl took her life while jumping from a[...]
Crazy Thai wife Stabs her Husband because he want to go out for a Drink
A possessive thai wife was get caught this morgen becaus she stabbed her husband with a scissor in the back[...]
The Summer is officialy coming back to Thailand
After the Meteorological Department declared that this week the Summers is turning back to Thailand you can believ that you[...]
Next Raid – African Freelancers are the Next Target of Pattaya Raid
The Raid in Pattaya want Stop after a British Newspaper was titeld pattaya as the Sextourist Center of the World.
Pattaya Bar Girl Steel an Iranian 40k at a Short Time
Arriving at his South Pattaya Hotel called B2 with 2 paid Girls an Iranian men was get robbed by 2[...]
Prostitution Crackdown Continues in Pattaya Soi 6
So The Police is still looking for illegal Sex and this time they raid the World Famous Pattaya Soi 6.
Saudi Arabia Stabbed his friend down for Touching his Girlfriend
Another Stupid Fight in Thailand Pattaya about a hooker which ends with a knife inside his arm.
Finnish Citizen gets allegedly Extorted from Pattaya Police
47 Year old Mr. Hannu Tapani was in the early hours yesterday at the Police station in Pattaya Soi 9[...]
Cops Raid Bars in Pattaya after negativ Headlines in the UK
After the UK's Mirror Group Newspaper wrote about that Pattaya is the Main Sex Field of the World it was[...]
Finish Tourist looks for Help in Beer Bar after getting stabbed
In the early hours of Thursday morning Pattaya Police was called to a Beer bar in Jomtien, after a foreigner[...]
Police caught a Monk at a Love Motel with Drugs
a 35 Year old Monk was caught while enjoying his Valentinesday in a Love Motel with a 19 year old[...]
Double Suicide attempt of a Swedish guy
Mr. Lennart Sundstorm, age 52 survived a double attempt to suicide at his Kata Green Beach hotel in Phuket.
Elephant Throw Tourist in the Air at a Sanctuary in Thailand
Yesterday a Social Video went Viral about a Elephant which throws a Tourists thrue the Air.
Australia get sentence to death after killing a Hells Angels in Pattaya
Antonio Bagnato is guilty in case of killing Mr. Wayne Schneider back in November 2015.
Tourist Visa Extended until August to still be free
The Goverment decide on tuesday to extend the free tourist visa and reduce the price of Visa on arrival fees[...]
Australian Girl Killed in Jet Ski Accident
The 20 year old victim Mrs. Emily Jayne Collie had died on the Katu beach at Phuket.
Delay at Suvernabhumi Airport, X-Ray Staff walked out
On Sunday the X-Ray Screening Staff Strike cause of protest over payment and condition.
Another Brit do Suicide after being Heartbroken
Mr. James Rockliffe Age 55 took his life on thrusday at his home in Phuket after sepperating with his GF.
Drunk Girl lay 2 days beside her dead husband without even knowing
We know that alot of crazy thing happen in Pattaya, and here we got another one.
Russian Tourist fight each other with broken Bottles
In the early hours of Monday morning around 03.30 a.m. Police was called to Soi 10 to clearifaid a bottle[...]
Pattaya Police Hunt Prankster for fake Money
The Police is looking for a Ukrainian citizen which introduces his self as an America from Las Vegas.  
Russian Girl Arrested for trying to smuggle Cocaine into Thailand
Mrs. Ilia Makuschova age 32 was arrested yesterday for attempting to smuggle Cocaine into Thailand.
Falling Branch killed Italien at Jomtien Beach
Giacomo Smedile age 91 died yesterday on a beach walk with his Thai wife after a falling branch hit his[...]
Finish Citizen Jumps from the new Sukhumvit Tunnel
Injured with several broken bones and a deep cut thrue his head he was brought to the Banglamung Hospital.
Pattaya Beer Bar caught on selling Teenager
In The late hours of tuesday Night a Pattaya Beer Bar at Soi Buakhaow called Realax Bar was busted after[...]
Thai man Rape and Robbed Russian Tourist on Koh Samui
The Police at Koh Samui was able to arrest the 27 year old Mr. Sattawat Choomee after he was rapping[...]
American fall into his Death at a Waterfall
American citizen Mr. Edward Yakos age 57 from Chicago Illinois fall to his death at a waterfall in Huai Khot[...]
Idiot who stab student to death for iPhone arrested
Mr. Kittikorn Wigaha 26 years of age, was finaly arrested on Thursday after killing a student for an iPhone.
Minimum 25 People Died at a headon crash in Chonburi
As Least 25 people died and many more re injured after a headon crash happened bewteen a passenger van and[...]
The 1st of the 7 most dangerous days in Thailand – 42 person Died
The Countdown to the most dangerous days in Thailand start already on 29.12.2016 and is the sad truth for the[...]
Polices new A4 Traffic Tickets are Real, So get em Paid
Social Media was in the last days flooded by confused thai and foreigner citizens which wasnt know if they have[...]
Granted 30 Day Visa exemption at the Land border for further 37 Countrys
With the Start of 2017 a additionel of 37 Countrys more will get a 30 day Visa instead of 15[...]
Foreigner falls to his death at Pattaya View Talay 6
In the early hours last friday morning at 04:30 a.m. Pattaya police was called by a security staff of the[...]
3 Staffs of a Walking Street Bar fight a Norwegian unconscious
Police was called to walking street after they recived a call about a unconscious foreigner.
Pattaya Police officer tries to suicide
At the late evenning of 18th december Police was called to a attempted suicide case to the SK appartment on[...]
Foreigner Diver found death with his throat cut
On Friday Afternoon the Police from Pattaya found the death body of a unknowing western person.
Pattaya – HuaHin ferry targeted to come true
Its almost comming true that a Ferry will launch at the end of 2017  from Pattaya to Hua hin.
Pattayas Full Moon Boat Partys are back
Its official, the famous Full Moon boat Party from the company "4 you production" are back in town and the[...]
Beer Bar Girl Kidnapped in Jomtien
Last Night at 03:30 a.m. Police recived informations that a Thai Girl has beed abducted in front of Champion bar,[...]
Drunk Brit Kills two Person in a Road Accident
Last Night a 41 year old british tourist Mr. Nicholas Edwards was arrested for killing 2 thai citizen in a[...]
Two Bolivians and 5KG of cocain at Suvernahbumi
On friday the airport Police cached 2 Bolivians citizens Nany Caseres 41 and Enrique Reque 39 with 5KG of cocain[...]
Another Suicide in Ubon Hotel room
Police was called to a Hotel in Ubon where they find the death body of 51 Years old Mr. Nord[...]
Pattaya Tourist Guide Smacks Chinese Tourist
On the 8. of December Pattaya Police at Soi 9 was called cause a Tourist (Chinese citizen) was attacked on[...]
Waterfront Suites seems to get the approval
So the fight between Pattaya City and the developer of the project for the waterfront Suite seems to get into[...]
Normal Road Rage On Bangkok’s Street end with a Gun
Watch this crazy car driver and how he get chased by another after pulling his Gun out of the window,[...]
Again a Gold Necklace Theft in Pattaya
And as allways happening in Pattaya we got a new theft which steal a Gold Necklace of a foreigner.
Single Entry Tourist Visas for free until 28.02.2017
So its official, the Thai Government gives everybody who arrive in thailand a FREE Single entry tourist visa
Pattaya Night bazar crackdown
Police confiscated illegal goods worth of 10 Milion bht.  The police in cooperation with the "TCSD" Technology Crime Suppression Division,[...]
Hotel close down illegal Swimming Pool
Its finaly happens, after decades of running and illegal swimming pool at a good knowing Hotel on Soi 5 in[...]
New Police chef wached out on Walking Street
The New Police chef of the Banglamug district was get yesterday night his first taste of walking street at night
Lucifer ReOpening Party 01.12.2016
It is true and finally happen, on the first of december the popular Lucifer Disco located on Walking Street will[...]
RamaYana Free entry for Thai Girls
Yeah you hear right, the Yama Rana Waterpark give all thai citizes girls free entry to the park till the[...]
British man trying to jump vom railing at central festival
What ever was going thrue his brain, this British guy was attemp to jump from the 2nd floor of Pattaya[...]
Mourning for our great King
Our beloved and missed King of Thailand Bumhibol Adulyadej and how Pattaya mourning together
Loy Krathong 2016
And its again that beautiful time of the year, where all the girls get inside ther traditionell Loy Krathong outfits,[...]

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