Sapphire Agogo

Sapphire is definatly one of the best Agogo's in town, not only the fact that they got every night more then 100+ girls dancing on stage to some nice tunes.

They also have an unbelivable Sunday Happy Hour which goes all night long

Yeah, u hear right, all night happy hour every sunday, that mean u can enjoy a 80Bht Gin Tonic while looking to some of the most beautiful girls in town.

The owners of this place are some good guys, they be active on a lot of charities from the money they earn inside the Agogo on some special nights.

They also have the Pool angels from Thailand got Talent show which be real professionel pool dancers, and when i say professional i really mean it, this have nothing todo with that boring standart shit where the girls stay on the pole like they take a sleep.​ I see this all the time in some Agogo's. At Sapphre you allways will get entertaint.

Barfine around 1.500Bht and the girls want anything between 3.000Bht - 5.000Bht

Its directly located on Soi 15 and is easy to find, especially with all the staffs outside and there signs.

You wanna get a taste of the stunning Girls, then check out our Photo Gallerie of the Hot Sapphire Girls::​

Sapphire Agogo located at the world famous Walking Street Nightlife will entertain you, like most of the Beer bars cant.

Mr Pattaya

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