Sense of the Sea

Sense of the Sea is also without any doubt in my Top 5 of nice restaurant in Pattaya and the neighbour areas.

It already start when u arrive ther with your car, the Carpark service are really some nice guys and want bother u with tips and all that annoying things. But the toilett guys definatly will, so have fun ;)Most of the Staffs are cheap cambodia and laos staffs with got a lil english, but they allways stay around u and will check that your glass never gets empfty, that your ashtray stays where it have to stay and that u allways will feel comfortable.Legal or not these guys still got some nice Shishas which u can enjoy to one of ther awsome cocktails.

The view there is stunning and the restaurant is built so beautiful, they also got every night from 08:30 - late a nice Live band, so this place is ideal when u wanna show a lil bit of and impress your girl with a nice dinner. The Food there is without any doubt awsome, everything is very fresh, high quality, big plates of food and a fair price for that.

I really can recommend this place for couples which wanna have an nice evening on the ocean while enjoying the sunset on the ocean to some good food and a ncie cocktail.Enjoy your time there and celebrate your self.Check out google maps below to find the way in the most easy way.

In Our Top 5 of stunning Restaurant in Jomtien is Sense of the See restaurant. Awsome fresh Seafood and much more waiting for you.

Mr Pattaya

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