Skyfall Agogo

U Love a good party and a lot of sexy girls, then u are here definatly right, the girls looks stunning and know exectly how to entertain and keep there customers happy. They properly have +100 girls which work there every single night.

One of the biggest plus points this agogo have, is that they have a real manager, and in this case its not the typically stupid mamasan which almost speak no word english, no its a super friendly, fair und easy going cool thai man, his name is bom and he really know how to keep his customers allways happy and never let them leave with a problem. NEVER EVER!

The prices for the drinks are fair when u compare it to the quailty of the girls which surrounds you, it give definatly cheaper Agogos, but they also want have the same quality and amount of girls which this place definitely have.

Barfine is before 12 p.m. 1.500Bht, and after this 1.000Bht, for the models 500 more, the Girls go with you for 3.000Bht.

The music is a good mix out of all different kinds, from techno beats till hip hop, you will get it all here in Skyfall.

Give the "Skyfall Agogo Girls Photos" Gallery a click, and watch the Girls:

The Skyfall Agogo dont need a gogole maps location;) Its directly on the start from beach road on the right side, and u CANT miss it!!!

U Love a good party and a lot of sexy girls, then u are here definatly right. One of the first Agogos on the right side comming from beach road to walking street.

Mr Pattaya

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