Soi 6

Doesent matter how much u travel, it also dosent matter what kind of sex tourist you be.

You say about yourself that u see almost every place when it comes to sex, if afrika, brazil, russia, cambodia or what ever, u cant compare this Soi to nothing else in the world.

Soi 6 is like a own planet, it not even have something to do with pattaya, so crazy the girls are here.Imagine like that, u walk a 200 meter soi down wich have more then 90 bars and almost 800 girls. Did that sounds awsome? yeah it sounds fucking the best point of all, almost every girl in this soi is directl read forsome sex, short time 1000bht und longtime up to 2000bht, everbody pays here the same price, if u are a 20 year old male model and be rich or if u a fat old guy who not shower for a week, u only need 1000bht.

So its perfect for all those kind of mens, which not be the most attractiv anymore and dont want the husstle inside the Discos where the girl chose as least a bit with who they go home or with who not.Drinks be under 100bht and ladydrink something around 115bht, so its very affordable.

How I already say, u will find anything here, if young 18 year old girls which come fresh from a rice farm in Isaan or if u wanna have a girl with 25 years of sex experince. Ugot some ladyboys, some fat girls and some extra skinny girls. So here u got every type of girl.Give it a try and go there to check it our by yourself, but better walk a step faster cause when u want to stop to check out a girls the girls directly try to push u inside theire Bars and will grap your dick like u a peace of nothing.Its perfect for the Daytime, U horny in the Daytime?

Come and visit this soi with opening times at 02:00 p.m., to take your girl upstair to the short time rooms u have to pay an additional Fee of 300 bht.A nice Agogo evening will cost u very fast 6000bht a night, not so in soi 6, u will get here the same for maximum 3000bht, and with same I mean u will get a girl the room some condoms and be drunk as shit.

Nowadays these is really the most epic Soi in the hole city, give it a try and prepare yourself, it will get funy and nasty as hell, so have fun and enjoy your Soi 6 day.

The best and strangest Beer Bar Soi in the hole world, sorry I mean in the hole universe, this place is crazy.

Mr Pattaya

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