Soi Made in Thailand

Soi Made in Thailand is located between 2nd road (opposit Central festival or View talay 6) and Soi Buakhaow.

This soi is for a fun night more then awsome, u will get here everything u need.

​The Soi have more then 100+ Bars on a 150 meters distance walk, cause u got like 4 bars in a row, so the amount of girls is easily 500+, yeah i know thats sounds awsome, and the good point is, it really is awsome.

Most of the Bars ther have regular bday party for all of the girls, that mean live ​karaoke bars, magic shows, free buffet and so on.

The prices here are pretty cheap, some of the bars sell a sangsome coke for 40 bht and the more expensive bars there still sell it for 75bht, so u cant say that its expensive to have a nice evening in that soi.

Most of the girls will do anything to take care you as good as possible​. Barfines should be around 300bht for the bar and another 1000bht for the girl, is long or short time depence on your negotiation, but u shouldn pay more then 2000bht for long time, I guess 1500 for long time is more then ok for this soi.

Really can recommend this place for a funny evening with a nice round of pool, lot of girls and way to much cheap alcohol.

Check the location below and give this soi a visit for a funny good times.​

Soi Made in Thailand is located opposite the Central festival or at View Talay 6.

Mr Pattaya

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