Sport Point Tenerife

The Sport point tenerife is without any doubt one of the best GYM's in Pattaya and closer area.

U Will find it on Sukhumvit Soi 54 or u also can come from Threppsit road Soi 5 which i can recommend u cause you dont need that stupid Uturn same as on sukhumvit + no traffic.This Place really got everything, if u need only to puch the gym fine, but u also can swimm here, train muay thai, wash your car or need a yoga session these guys really have everything of it and even more.

What can i say about that Pool, its awsome with his huge size of 20x10 meters, so u really can swimm a couple of hard rounds. The area around the pool is good looking and very comfortable.Order a healty drink on the pool and enjoy a good quality food while relaxing after. The price for the Pool use is 100bht.

The Gym is very very clean and all devices there are brand new and none of them are broked, compared to most of the gyms, while going hard in the gym u got a motivation video nonstop on the TV and the music is screaming loud of the speakers, u be able to change the music or even to bring your own USB stick with to listen to the music that really keep u pushing. and that all for something around 180bht, it give here gyms which want more then 500bht, so it definatly a good price for the quality.Anywa.

If u cant drink anymore Alc. and have enough of all this party and wanna refresh your body again, then u have to visit this place, u will feel like fresh borned after a healthy and enoyable day.

Give the team a call if u want to know when their personal trainers are available or what ever else u want to know: 0915455245

Check out the google maps location to find the way easy and smooth as allways.

The Sport point tenerife is without any doubt one of the best GYM’s in Pattaya and closer area.

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