Sugar Agogo

Sugar Sugar Agogo Is the first bar on the corner at Soi LK comming from Soi Buakaow.

If u like partys then u will​ love this place, cause they got regular party motoshows. As the most of the agogos in soi LK they got a happy hour until 09:30 p.m.

Most of the girls are pretty hot and will try there best​ to give u an unforgetable night. Without any doubt you will find somebody that is willing to take care you. The amount of girls which dancing are something around 40+ girls.

The only big problem is that u CANT smoke inside, and i know what u think now. ahhh this is thailand​, for sure they want care if i light up a cigarett, but believ me, they will.

So when u a smoker its definitely a shitty situation to leave every 30 min. the place to go outside for a cigaret while just ordering a Lady drink. U a smoker then Avoid this Place, but when you anti smoking go there and you will have a great time.

Barfine 1.000Bht and the Girls anything between 2.000bht and 4.000Bht.​

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If u like partys then u will love this place, cause they got regular motoshows Partys. Its the first Agogo on the corner comming from Soi Buakhao

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