The Typical Pattaya Sex Tourist

We all know this Typical typ of awkward sex tourists which care about nothing and act like they own this city, but they don't.

I See them every day, the typically english, german, american or what ever tourist which safe the whole year every single cent they can safe back in there countrys, they looking to safe a half cent at the gasoline station, buy bread only at the chaep supermarket instead of the fresh bakery and never ever leaves the house when they know they have to pay a bill by himself.

After arriving the Suvernabhumi Airport, they turn of there heads and life for the next 3 weeks without any brain.

​So how a normal day look like in this city:

U Party at least until 6 a.m. ​and go as drunk as possible to bed, never wake up before 3 a.m., then directly in the first beer bar and have a good morning beer with a tequila shoot.But what is a good morning drink without a first round of ring the bell. After ringing the Bell and show everybody that u got money as shit its time for a lil snack, So take the first fast food kepab u see for 60 bht and go back to impress the girls with what kind of a cool guy u are.

Most importent thing is to do all of that without a shirt that everybody can see your 110KG fat white belly which says, yeah im fat cause im a rich guy who can afford plenty of food.

After this its getting time for a food massag, allways speak so loud that everybody inside the shop feel uncomfortable because of you loud speak. Tell them how awsome and special you are and what for a sexy 18 year old Issan girl u was take with you last night. Nobody care bout ther shity storiys cause we all do the same, but without any brain in his head he think that this is exectly what everbody wants. And he want forgett to give the massag girl a tip which got the same amount then the massage itself, but thats not importent, importent is that you show everbody that u got money on must care nothing and be rich and adorable.

At the nighttime on walking street at the discos allways have to order the most expensive bottle, to show everybody in the disco​, hey look at my 110kg belly and my 5000bht bottle, u want a rich fat guy lke me, yeah come here i take care of you and all your 5 ugly friend which stays with you, even all of them leave him after the bottle is finish, but he want care cause hes a super cool hero with an awsome time and will find another one, a better one.

These guys want understand that everybody laugh about them and not with him.

Its also very importent​ for them to buy girls which they know 2 or 3 days some gold necklaces, brand new iphones or whatever and apologize his own stupidity with the argument, that she is a good girl which is different. But thats ok for him, cause he also prove hisself in front of the friends from his girl the next time he see them, then he can watch at them like, heeeey u see what I buy for your friend, u properbly should stay with me cause im a cool guy and maybe u also will get a brand new computer.

And thats all ok, cause they safe the whole year money for this trip. They properly spend then in 4 weeks something around​ 15.000€

So he was get for his 15.000€ the same that everybody else get which know the city a bit for 3.000€.

After arriving back at home more white then before cause they only was sit inside bars and see nothing about the real thailand, Its again that horribly time where he life 11 months like a cheap bastard with no fun at all in his life, but that's ok and acceptable for the fact the he have another month in 1 year.

We all know this Typical typ of awkward sex tourists which care about nothing

Mr Pattaya

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