Find the best place with all kind of activities in Pattaya, If a Waterpark with a Looping or a tradition Muay Thai fight, here u get all the information you need about Town.

Koh Larn
Getting tired of the Party Nghtlife in Pattaya. Why not take a day off and visit a beautiful Island called[...]
Sport Point Tenerife
The Sport point tenerife is without any doubt one of the best GYM's in Pattaya and closer area.
Threpprasit Weekend Market
Did you ever visit a traditionell Thai market? Why not visit the biggest in pattaya. The Threppesit Weekend market ist[...]
Art in Paradise
You wanna have a good entertainment day with the whole family, then visit this awsome experience.
2Sky pattaya rocket ball
When u are a friend of the real adrenalin which blows the blood thrue your body then u will love[...]
Pattaya city have 1000 of massage shops, its very easy and uncomplicated to find one u like.
RamaYana Water Park
RamaYana water park was have his brand new opening on 29.02.2016, so the park is definatly more then ne and[...]
Bungy Jump
When u wanna have a free fall then go and visit Threppesit soi 9.
Ripleys Believe It Or Not
At the ripleys belive it or not u really will be the hole day entertaint, cause they got so many[...]
Mini Siam
The name say it all, Mini Siam is the mini version of thailand. U find it on shukumvit road directly opposit[...]
Cartoon Network Park
Cartoon Network park is fun for anyone. If young or old, married or Single you will get the fun you[...]
Dolphin World Resort
A beautiful day which u should preferd do with your family
The Million years stone park crocodile farm
The Million year stone park and crocodile park is only 20 min. away from Pattaya. More then 3 years they[...]
Floating Market
The Pattaya Floating market is Located directly on Sukhumvit the way to Sattahip, Its properbly a 25 min. ride from[...]
Khao Kheow Open Zoo
Khao Kheao open zoo is really a one life time experience. If u visit this place alone as a couple[...]
Sanctuare of Truth
The Sanctuary of trhuth is a stunning wood carving built over 30 years and is still not finish. Its very[...]
Big Buddha Hill
The biggest buddha in pattaya and closer area, also called Wat phra yia When u stay at the centrum of[...]
Max Muay Thai
U never was really in Thailand without watching a traditional thai fight live. Max Muay Thai is one of thailand[...]
Silverlake Vineyard
Silverlake is a beautiful Vineyard with a total relaxed and calm atmosphere Becaus they are one of the largest and[...]
Nong Nooch Tropical Garden
One of the most beautiful natur parks thailand has to offer. Rent a elephant or explore the park on yourself.

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